Hyderabad Laboratories Private Limited
(HLPL) is a CRO based in Hyderabad, India. HLPL provides cost effective and time bound complete chemistry solutions to pharmaceutical and chemical companies as well as to Academic Researchers to accelerate their research and development programs for discovery.

We use experts to provide complex chemistry solutions to our customers from areas such as Medicinal Discovery Chemistry, Custom Synthesis, Materials Chemistry, Library Design and Synthesis, Chiral Synthesis, Peptide Synthesis, Nucleic Acids Chemistry and Process Chemistry.

HLPL supplies Quality Control (QC) standards to various Pharma/Biotech companies worldwide. Additionally, we provide value-added services through the entire process of supplying reference materials to the pharmaceutical, food and veterinary industries.
We also provide smart analytical services for drug substances such as, Method Development and Validation, Structural elucidation of unknown pharmaceutical/chemical substances and Forced Degradation studies.

We firmly believe in confidentiality, integrity, transparency and safety while keeping in mind our responsibilities to protect environment.

Custom Synthesis
API Impurities
Analytical Services
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